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 Office 12, Cecil Knight Office Park, 46 Cecil Knight St, Krugersdorp       

Tel: 071 599 3546

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071 599 3546


Q: Do you work with children?

A: I work with children who are attending high school. Please do contact me should you require a referral for a younger child.

Q: Do you work with adolescents / teenagers?

A: Yes. One of my main areas of interest is working with adolescents. Teenagers are in a phase of life where they rarely feel understood and are often in conflict with their parents. They are in a transitional phase between adulthood and being a child - a phase where many new experiences present themselves. I take great joy in guiding teenagers through this phase and assisting them and their parents in making sense of this difficult time.

Q: How can I settle my account?

A: Accounts can be sent to the medical aid directly by the practice. Alternatively, accounts can be settled cash, or via Electronic Fund Transfer. In such cases an invoice is provided for you to claim the amount back from the medical aid yourself. A cash discount also applies. Unfortunately the practice does not currently have credit card facilities.

Q: What are your hours of business?

A: The practice is open Mondays to Thursdays from 8:00 to 18:00. I will try to accommodate patients on Fridays where possible, but this might not always be possible.

Q: What languages are services offered in?

A: Afrikaans and English.

Q: What about my privacy?

A: All sessions are regarded as being confidential - in line with the regulations as set out by the Health Professions Council of South Africa.